The Government of Canada has launched consultations with stakeholders and partners on the review of the Criminal Records Act and a public online consultation on the review of record suspensions (formerly referred to as pardons) under the Criminal Records Act.

Those who have completed their sentences and have been living crime free can apply for a record suspension. Reforms to the Criminal Records Act over the past 10 years have affected record suspensions. It is important to consider the impact these changes have had on the approximately 1 in 10 Canadians who have a criminal record and on the safety of our communities.

The review of the Criminal Records Act is aimed at ensuring that record suspensions are:

  • consistent with the Government of Canada’s goals to increase public safety;
  • providing value for money;
  • evidence-based; and,
  • aligned with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian values.

Canadians are invited to participate in the consultations and share their views on the changes to Canada’s record suspensions