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The Colchester Sexual Assult Centre (CSAC) is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to strengthening and empowering survivors of adult sexual assault (ASA) and/or child sexual abuse (CSA) who are aged 16 and over. All programs and services are equally available to all genders. Offers individual trauma counselling, support and information to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. CSAC also offers support for families/friends of survivors. Provides an Ally/safe space for GLBTTTIQQ individuals. Also offers support for families/friends of survivors and educational workshops/presentations for community groups. Eligible: Anyone ages 16 years or older who has been affected by sexual abuse and/or assault. Service covers Colchester County/East Hants.

No one expects to become a victim of crime. The London Police Service understands that whether you have been physically hurt, threatened or have been the victim of a property crime, you may need information to assist you. The Victim Information Brochure will provide you with information about: common reactions to being a victim of crime; some things to do that may help; the Act Respecting Victims of Crime; how the police and court systems work; crime prevention to reduce the risk of being re-victimized; community resources that can help; how and when to complete a victim impact statement.  Family Consultant/Victim Services Unit is the victim assistance unit within the London Police Service. It is staffed by professional counsellors who are available to assist you if you are having difficulty or with any questions you may have.

Services include several provincially funded services, such as Victim Quick Response Program, which may also be obtained via the province's Victim Support Line.  Unique services include On-Scene Response.  Victim Response Teams are on call 24/7 to York Regional Police and Ontario Provincial Police in York Region for on-scene interventions. Attendance at a crime scene, police station, hospital or home for interventions.  Homicide Survivor Support Group. Remember Me is a homicide survivor’s support group that provides emotional support and information to homicide survivors. Remember Me is a self help group offering emotional support and information to those affected by the loss of a loved one to Homicide. Victims helping Victims.

VictimLinkBC is a toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across B.C. and the Yukon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-563-0808. It provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence, including victims of human trafficking exploited for labour or sexual services. VictimLinkBC provides service in more than 110 languages, including 17 North American Aboriginal languages. In 2014-2015, VictimLinkBC assisted more than 12,000 people. VictimLinkBC is TTY accessible. Call TTY at 604-875-0885; to call collect, please call the Telus Relay Service at 711. Text to 604-836-6381. Email Victim service workers can provide information and referrals to all victims of crime and crisis support to victims. Even if you’re not sure if you have been a victim of crime, you can call VictimLinkBC at 1-800-563-0808 for assistance. Your call will be completely confidential. All VictimLinkBC staff are trained victim service workers and can connect people to a network of community, social, health, justice and government resources, including victim services, transition houses and counselling resources. They also provide information on the justice system, relevant federal and provincial legislation and programs, crime prevention, safety planning, protection order registry and other resources as needed. Any time of the day or night, every day of the year, VictimLinkBC is as close as your phone or the Internet and can provide you confidential support and information you can trust.

The Victoria Sexual Assault Centre is a feminist organization committed to ending sexual violence through healing, education, and prevention.  We are dedicated to supporting women and all trans survivors of sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse, through advocacy, counselling, and empowerment. The Centre's specialized Victim Service team provides services connected to the criminal justice system, including: information, support and accompaniment in making police reports; information and orientation on the court process, including assistance Victim Impact statements; court accompaniment; case status information; assistance with applications for the Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP).

This service is a unit of Health Sciences North | Horizon Santé-Nord in Sudbury. The intake will consist of gathering basic information and providing client with information on the therapeutic groups, individual counselling, or women's support groups. At that time, individuals will be registered to attend six bi-weekly educational workshops. If an individual does not feel comfortable in participating in a group, they will then meet individually with our therapist who will go through the information with them. Individuals who attend the educational workshops are not expected to share their stories at any given time. When completing the educational workshops, individuals will then have the option to begin individual counselling. Individuals who feel satisfied with the information given during the workshops can choose to not engage in individual counselling. We understand that every individual has different needs and will accommodate individuals the best we can. For example, an individual may access court support services during the course of the workshops.  Can also be reached through Ontario's Mental Health Helpline: 1-866-531-2600. 

Victim Services provides crime victims with information about their case at any stage of the investigation, and assists them in dealing with problems they have encountered as a result of the crime.  More latterly, the emphasis has extended include help to persons closely affected by sudden, tragic events.  As a complementary function to regular police functions, Victim Services most often provides help in: offering emotinal support; providing police information; furnishing information about court proceedings and court outcomes; information and explanations about the criminal justice system; notifying victims of the release of accused persons when non-communication provisions apply; providing crime prevention information; referring to other appropriate community services; making presentations to members of the public and professional agencies.

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre works to end all forms of violence against women.  WAVAW provides information & Referrals, accompaniment to hospital, bus tickets, child care funds to attend counselling, and referrals to community agencies and government programs.  It has an aboriginal program. Support groups include Recharging, Women Connect, and Visioning Safety; groups are ongoing and start at various times throughout the year.

WomenatthecentrE is a non-profit organization that works to eradicate violence against women through personal, political and social advocacy. As the only organization created by survivors for survivors, we use our shared experiences to help change public perceptions and policy. We are a resource centre where you can find courageous women survivors – the true experts with insightful and compelling experiences to help organizations working towards eradicating violence against women. We provide services to workplaces, schools, government agencies, and more, that build upon the foundational knowledge and experiences of our members and staff.

Disclaimer: Welcome to our Find Help listing of services that provide help for victims of crime.  This listing represents only a subset of the many services and supports available to Canadians across Canada and we hope it is helpful for users of the Victim Justice Network site.  For a more comprehensive listing of services helping victims through all stages of their needs, we do encourage you to avail yourselves of your local 211 phone or online services or, alternatively, of your regional community services listings most of which are included in this site under Information and Referral.  The services listed on this site are based on the most recent information available on those services' individual websites in mid-2015.  We will endeavour to review these annually for accuracy and any changes or discontinuation of service.

Décharge: Voici notre liste des services Find Help visant à aider les victimes de crime. Cette liste ne représente qu’une partie des nombreux services et soutiens mis à la disposition des Canadiens dans tout le pays. Nous espérons qu’elle sera utile aux utilisateurs du site de Victim Justice Network. Si vous souhaitez en obtenir une plus complète, à quelque niveau des besoins des victimes que ce soit, n’hésitez pas à appeler votre numéro local 211 ou à utiliser des services en ligne ou encore les listes de services communautaires régionaux, services qui, pour la plupart, sont indiqués sur ce site sous la rubrique Information and Referral. Ces services ont été relevés dans les toutes dernières informations disponibles à la mi-2015 sur les sites pertinents. Nous nous efforcerons de les revoir chaque année pour qu’ils restent à jour.