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Women, men and children who are survivors of sexual assault. Also, the line is helpful for others who are impacted by a sexual assault (such as a parent or good friend, spouse).  Trained volunteers are available 24 hrs on the sexual assault crisis line. It offers support, assistance, referrals and will accompany victims of sexual assault to hospital and/or police services. Will stay with victims of sexual assault throughout collection of Forensic Evidence (rape kit), if requested.Transportation: Volunteers can issue cabs for those needing emergency medical assistance.

Les Services parajudiciaires-autochtones du Québec prêtent assistance aux autochtones en matière de justice tout en participant pleinement au développement d'alternatives du système de justice euro-canadien afin de mieux répondre aux besoins des communautés autochtones de la province de Québec. Les conseillers parajudiciaires offrent un service d'aide aux Autochtones impliqués dans le système judiciaire criminel et pénal, qu'ils soient victimes, témoins ou accusés. Ce service est offert tant au niveau de la Cour aux adultes que du Tribunal de la jeunesse.

Native Para-Judicial Services of Quebec assists native people in matters relating to the criminal justice system. It is wholly committed to developing alternatives to the euro-Canadian justice system in order to better meet the needs of native communities in the province of Quebec.  The Native Courtworkers program offers legal assistance to Native persons involved in the criminal and penal justice system as victims, witnesses or accused.  This service is available to persons in adult court and in juvenile court.

If you have experienced sexual violence, including sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse or sexual harassment, at any time in your life, you are not alone. SACHA is here to help. Our services are free, non-judgemental and based on the belief that survivors are the experts of their own experiences. We also provide learning opportunities for the entire community. Learn more about each of our programs: 24 Hour Support Line; Counselling and Advocacy; Diverse Community Outreach; Public Education. 

The service provides: adult counselling; child and adolescent counselling; diversity outreach; public education; sexual assault support groups; volunteer opportunities; and INDIGO - a 6 hour, single session, 1 day educational course on trauma for adults who have experienced sexual assault and / or childhood sexual abuse, as well as for family and friends

The Sexual Assault Centre Kingston provides free, confidential, non-judgmental support to survivors of sexualized violence, offers school and public education on issues of sexualized violence and strives toward the prevention of all forms of sexualized violence.

Le Centre d'aide aux victimes d'agression sexuelle de Kingston offre du soutien gratuit de façon confidentielle et impartiale aux survivantes d'actes de violence à caractère sexuel, propose des activités de sensibilisation du public et dans les écoles sur des questions ayant trait à la violence sexuelle et s'efforce de prévenir toute forme de violence sexuelle.

Le centre d’aide aux victimes d’agression sexuelle de Kingston a présentement une intervenante francophone disponible qui offre des ateliers de sensibilisation et des service de soutien sur le plan individuel et/ou de groupe. Nous vous encourageons à communiquer avec elle pour plus d’information.

Help for a child, adolescent or adult who has experienced sexual assault recently or in the past.  The SACCEC offers crisis support and counselling programs.  This service provides a twenty-four hour crisis line to victims of sexual violence. It also provides emotional support, problem solving strategies, information, and referrals when necessary. As well, the service provides accompaniments in person to the Sexual Assault Treatment Centre and provides information to those who are assisting victims of sexual violence such as friends, family members, and other community organizations.  Counselling is available to male and female victims of sexual victimization (sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest) who are thirteen years of age and older and who reside in the Windsor-Essex County area. A counselling program is provided in conjunction with Sexual Assault Treatment Centre/Safe Kids for children less than thirteen years of age and is offered in co-ordination with the Children’s Aid Societies. County services are available.  Support is also available for non-offending significant others.

Talk4Healing is available to all Aboriginal women living in urban, rural and remote communities, both on and off reserve, throughout Northern Ontario.  Talk4Healing help Aboriginal women and their families who need support.  Talk4Healing is available 24/7, 365 days a year with services in English, Ojibway, Oji-Cree and Cree.   Its treatments comprise the Medicine Wheel which provides powerful guidance in four key areas: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental.  Talk4Healing follows in the traditional footsteps of our grandmothers and grandfathers by incorporating these teachings into our services.  
Our service area includes all Aboriginal women and their families living in Northern Ontario from the Manitoba border all the way to the Muskokas.

The Centre is a non-profit, independent, incorporated organziation.  The agency provides:  24 hour Crisis Intervention (telephone/mobile response 24/7/365); Counselling (brief, short-term and long-term up to one year); Client Advocacy: Information, accompaniment, and preparation through the criminal justice system, assistance with Criminal Injuries Compensation claims, Victim Impact Statements

A central information site maintained by Toronto Police Services in order to provide reliable links to resources for victims & witnesses of crime to support their needs.  Services links are provided to diverse support and information resources including: Victims Services-Safety Planning; the provincial Victim Support Line (see full VSL listing on this VJN site); Toronto Housing Transfer Request Form;  Toronto Community Housing Corporation - Application for "safety at risk" transfer; TPS Sex Crimes; Behavioural Assessment Section (TPS); Threat Assessment including high risk offender management, polygraph testing, Sex Offender Registry, Child Exploitation Section, and Special Victims Section.  Resources such as United Way Community Resources and HUBS are also linked.

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre provides peer support counselling via a crisis line that is available 24/7.  TRCC/MWAR provides a wide range of services to all survivors of sexual violence, their family members and friends. Contact TRCC for more detailed information on any of the following: •24hour crisis line service; Individual face to face counseling; Court support and Accompaniment; Advocacy; Support Groups; Public Education and workshops; Activism; Information and Referrals; Prison Support; Latin American Women’s Program

Disclaimer: Welcome to our Find Help listing of services that provide help for victims of crime.  This listing represents only a subset of the many services and supports available to Canadians across Canada and we hope it is helpful for users of the Victim Justice Network site.  For a more comprehensive listing of services helping victims through all stages of their needs, we do encourage you to avail yourselves of your local 211 phone or online services or, alternatively, of your regional community services listings most of which are included in this site under Information and Referral.  The services listed on this site are based on the most recent information available on those services' individual websites in mid-2015.  We will endeavour to review these annually for accuracy and any changes or discontinuation of service.

Décharge: Voici notre liste des services Find Help visant à aider les victimes de crime. Cette liste ne représente qu’une partie des nombreux services et soutiens mis à la disposition des Canadiens dans tout le pays. Nous espérons qu’elle sera utile aux utilisateurs du site de Victim Justice Network. Si vous souhaitez en obtenir une plus complète, à quelque niveau des besoins des victimes que ce soit, n’hésitez pas à appeler votre numéro local 211 ou à utiliser des services en ligne ou encore les listes de services communautaires régionaux, services qui, pour la plupart, sont indiqués sur ce site sous la rubrique Information and Referral. Ces services ont été relevés dans les toutes dernières informations disponibles à la mi-2015 sur les sites pertinents. Nous nous efforcerons de les revoir chaque année pour qu’ils restent à jour.