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L‘AFPAD est née de l’initiative de 4 pères fondateurs ayant tous quatre perdu leurs filles et qui, en 2005 se sont regroupés afin de dénoncer la violence faite aux femmes. De cette association est ressorti un grand constat ; l’aide apportée aux familles de victimes d’homicide ou de disparition criminelle est insuffisante et l’iniquité entre la réhabilitation des contrevenants et des familles de victimes est criante. La mission de l’AFPAD découle donc de ce constat et la volonté d’aider et de supporter d’autres familles de victimes est venue tout naturellement.  En 2006, un premier bureau fut ouvert à Montréal et en 2008, un point de service a ouvert ses portes à Québec.

A 24/7 service provided by Avalon Centre Society ensuring physical and medical well-being after an immediate sexual assault.  Services include: Medical examination * Forensic evidence collection * Expert testimony in a Court of Law * Victim follow up support .  Therapeutic counselling.

1526 Dresden Row, 4th Floor Halifax, NS B3J 3K3

Referrals to violence shelters can be made by your local social worker, RCMP or by visiting the shelter in person. In an emergency, call your local RCMP detachment. If there are children in the home, the RCMP will contact the social worker. You may also go to your local shelter, if available.

A free counselling, legal, interpretation, information and referral service for women survivors of violence in Toronto. The Clinic offers legal representation, professional counselling and interpretation services to women through diverse, skilled and compassionate staff that accompany women through personal and practical transformations. The Barbra Schlifer Clinic amplifies women’s voices, and cultivates their skills and resilience.  The Clinic offers help and counseling to women who have experienced violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, forced marriage, HBV, and other dangerous situations. 

Battlefords Victim Services is a non-profit organization, mandated by Saskatchewan Justice and overseen by a Board of Directors. All victims are treated with respect, and dignity and given as much support and information as possible to ensure that victims feel more comfortable with the legal system and all facets of their individual situation. Battlefords Victim Services offers a number of different programs to assist victims.  Such programs include: victim compensation, restitution for victims of crime, victim/witness services, victims of domestic violence, aboriginal initiatives, victim impact statements.

The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support. We are a non-profit charitable organization located in British Columbia, Canada.  We are committed to: protecting the legal rights of older adults; increasing access to justice for older adults; informing the public about elder abuse; and providing supportive programs for older adults who have been abused.  Our programs include: Seniors Abuse & Information Line (SAIL); Victim Services Program; Legal Programs; Education and Outreach Programs; and workshops and presentations.


Develops legislation, policies, and programs; provides training; and delivers and funds programs that support victims and their families, address violence against women and human trafficking, provide a restorative justice response to crime, enhance public safety and local crime prevention efforts, and build and maintain safe communities. Serves BC.  For immediate help and referral service, contact VictimLink BC 1-800-563-0808.

The British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA) is a non-profit society established to provide therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives. As specifically outlined in our constitution, our purposes are to: provide treatment and support services to male survivors of sexual abuse and support significant-others and relatives of the survivors; acquire and develop educational material concerning sexual abuse of males; gather statistics for dissemination to professionals and the community at large; assist in establishing within British Columbia new agencies dealing with male survivors of sexual abuse by providing training opportunities, whenever possible, to interested personnel; ensure clear, consistent communication in dealing with other involved agencies or professionals in order to guarantee comprehensive case management; consult with community and government groups in the areas of prevention, treatment, therapy, and other matters relating to sexual abuse of males.

Aims to provide a safe, non-judgemental, and compassionate environment for sharing stories and insights. Groups include the eight-week Homicide Bereavement Support Group every fall and winter in Vancouver and Victoria, and monthly drop-in support groups in Vancouver. All groups are free of charge and facilitated by trained professionals. Pre-registration is required. An initiative of the BC Bereavement Helpline.

We provide care to anyone (male, female, transgendered), from any province or country, who is 13 or older and has been sexually assaulted within the past 7 days.  At the survivor's request, forensic evidence can be collected for legal purposes. No referral or adult accompaniment required. Sexual assault survivors can access free services 24 hours a day by going directly to the Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Department. SAS also provides information and education to the public, community groups, medical personnel, and professional agencies; trains sexual assault nurse examiners and physicians; and offers information about setting up sexual assault medical services.

Disclaimer: Welcome to our Find Help listing of services that provide help for victims of crime.  This listing represents only a subset of the many services and supports available to Canadians across Canada and we hope it is helpful for users of the Victim Justice Network site.  For a more comprehensive listing of services helping victims through all stages of their needs, we do encourage you to avail yourselves of your local 211 phone or online services or, alternatively, of your regional community services listings most of which are included in this site under Information and Referral.  The services listed on this site are based on the most recent information available on those services' individual websites in mid-2015.  We will endeavour to review these annually for accuracy and any changes or discontinuation of service.

Décharge: Voici notre liste des services Find Help visant à aider les victimes de crime. Cette liste ne représente qu’une partie des nombreux services et soutiens mis à la disposition des Canadiens dans tout le pays. Nous espérons qu’elle sera utile aux utilisateurs du site de Victim Justice Network. Si vous souhaitez en obtenir une plus complète, à quelque niveau des besoins des victimes que ce soit, n’hésitez pas à appeler votre numéro local 211 ou à utiliser des services en ligne ou encore les listes de services communautaires régionaux, services qui, pour la plupart, sont indiqués sur ce site sous la rubrique Information and Referral. Ces services ont été relevés dans les toutes dernières informations disponibles à la mi-2015 sur les sites pertinents. Nous nous efforcerons de les revoir chaque année pour qu’ils restent à jour.